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Ibrahim Saleem

Ibrahim Saleem (I) developed into a home based content writer from a professional content writer through experience and hard work. I worked in professional organizations initially. Then, I won jobs as a SEO freelance writer through online platforms. Consequently, I improved my writing skills and SEO knowledge through experts' assistance and content writing from home. Today, I proudly offer freelance writing services at a fair price to the clients around the world.

I have been writing content for over a decade. I have written content on various topics including technology, mobile applications, research papers, social media marketing, graphic design, etc. As a freelance content writing service provider, I have won the hearts of clients worldwide and aim to win more.

Let me explain: Why have I, Ibrahim Saleem named this site: 99 writer? No one is 100% except the Almighty; however, I personally believe I write 99% high quality content . Thus, I have chosen the name for my site for the same reason as a freelance content writer.

Content is important for online businesses to promote their products and services to the customers. Only relevant and high-quality content about your business can convince your target audience to have faith in you. Moreover, if customers avail of what your promise to them from your products and services, they will return. Consequently, you will have a customer base and business growth. I create top-notch content to help my clients promote their business through my SEO knowledge and advanced content writing skills.

You can count on me as a home based content writer if you want to promote your product (s) or services (s).

Ibrahim Saleem, freelance content writer, home based content writer