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About Me

My name is Ibrahim Saleem. I started working as a ‘Content Writer’ back in 2010. As a content writer, I learnt how to write top-notch web pages, attractive blog posts, and paraphrase articles. I have also published some of my articles on article directories, such as EzineArticles. I became an animated video script writer in 2018. As an animated video script writer, I wrote video scripts for different products. I know how to write a press release to depict important piece of information. I am an expert home-based content writer to rewrite different pieces of content.

As a professional writer; I have written pieces of content on different topics embracing technology, mobile applications, research papers, social media marketing, search engine optimization, animated videos, and blogs etc. I have experience of long-term as a professional content writer. After settling as a professional writer, I started giving my services as a freelance content writer to clients worldwide that were appreciated by my local, as well as foreign clients. Today, I proudly claim: “High quality content writing lies on my fingertips”.

If you are looking for a writer who can write top-notch content for you, then you should look none other than 99writer.com. Let me also explain you: Why I named this site: 99 writer? As no one is 100% except the Almighty, so I believe I am as good as a writer who is 99% accurate as a freelance content writer.

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