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What is the Easiest Way to Learn English Grammar?


English is known to be the world’s most renowned language. With its roots all around the world, learning English and English Grammar is everyone’s passion. English Grammar is like a game. Some play the game like a professional, and some are amateur or novice. Some of them struggle with tenses, narrations, sentences, and clauses. Grammar is still a mystery to many people because they fail to understand the true meaning of it. They ignore this part. To learn Grammar effortlessly, you have to put it in the right place. Below are some of the best English grammar rules you can follow up to learn English Grammar effectively.

Learning Words:

Do not just sit around doing nothing. Instead, keep on learning new words every day. Set a goal for learning as many words as possible in a day to expand your English vocabulary, followed by Grammar.

As we know the essential elements of Grammar are words. For this, get a dictionary and learn as many words as you can. When you are learning new words, use them in your texts, sentences, and people.

Do not worry about Grammar as long as you can deliver what you are trying to say to another person.


Socializing is the best tool you can use to learn Grammar. Language, whichever it may be, makes you a part of society, and learning it without talking to people in that language is a big failure.

Try socializing with people wherever you go or on the call. The more you will hear the other person’s words, the more you will learn.

Practice, Practice, and Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect. If you want something to happen, you keep on practicing it. The same goes for learning English Grammar. Solve as many exercises as possible, download an English Grammar app to keep yourself up to date about English Grammar at all times.

English Grammar mastery requires learning five skills which include (reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking). You should seek every single opportunity to learn Grammar.

Watch and Learn:

It is one of the most effective ways to learn easy English grammar. Watch TV shows and other English movies—especially movies which involve wit and humor.

A good English TV series is ‘Big Bang Theory’; a must-watch. However, take control of the movies you watch and shows you digest because most of them have Grammatical errors as they speak.

Understanding Parts of Speech:

Parts of speech play a crucial role in your Grammar development. Without understanding parts of speech properly, you won’t be able to follow English Grammar rules properly. When you are done with knowing as many words as possible, it is finally time to use them in a sentence.

Parts of speech are the only element that will tell you when to use the word in a sentence and the placement of the words in your sentence. It would be best if you chose an elite choice of words in your sentences. In short, these are the English Grammar rule you will need all the time.

Parts of speech are nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and the list goes on.


These were some of the most important English Grammar rules that you need to follow and practice to speak and write English flawlessly.

Why Can You Trust a Freelance Content Writer?

trust, handshake

There are two types of writers that you will find online, one is a professional content writer, and another is a home based content writer. No doubt that professional writers are very talented; however, deploying their services is a big-ticket deal. On the other hand, freelance content writers can work for you for a very low price. So utilizing the services of a freelance content writer is a good bargain for clients. Moreover, clients can trust freelance content writers; as they are multi-talented. Let us discuss in points why clients should trust home-based content writers:

  • Freelance content writers do not just deal with a single niche; however, professional content writers usually target one niche, as they are bound. Home-based content writers deal with different types of clients. In other words, they deal with different niches. So they can do the job for different clients targeting different niches. Thus all types of clients can have faith in the expertise of a freelance content writer.
  • We have already mentioned at the start of this post that expert writers are expensive. On the other hand, a home based content writer can do the job for clients for cheap rates. So clients can save a good sum of money and trust freelance content writers over professional content writers.
  • Freelance content writers work with flexible deadlines, while adept content writers work with tight deadlines that affect the quality of their pieces of work. Thus, clients can trust freelance content writers and expect more quality in the pieces of work that is, done by a home based content writer.
  • Home-based content writers typically have an extended portfolio of their work, which also enhances their credibility. Conversely, professional content writers’ portfolio is not as impressive as the portfolio of freelance content writers. Clients can depend on a freelance content writer with confidence, as such a writer is highly productive.
  • Professional content writers offer only limited services, as they are time-bound, whereas a freelance content writer offers multiple services to the clients worldwide. A professional writer may only be an expert in web content or article writing; however, a home based content writer may offer the services of writing web content, press releases, articles, and animated video scripts. So clients can trust home-based content writers if they need multi-talented writers.
  • Selecting the right kind of a freelance content writer is not a hectic task for international clients. Many clients leave 5-star feedback on freelance platforms for a prodigious home based content writer. The professional content writers work for companies, so there is no authenticity of the pieces of work that they do for their respective companies. Therefore, clients in the world should favor freelance content writers over professional writers.


So there are different reasons for clients to trust a home based content writer. In the first place, home-based content writers are multi-talented. Secondly, they are affordable. Furthermore, they work with flexible deadlines. So clients can trust such writers without a hassle. Last but not least, if you have not yet given a try to any freelance content writer, then we recommend you to give home-based content writers a try from today.

Writing an Exceptional eBook Demands Time!


An eBook is a kind of book that is, high in demand nowadays. Due to the extreme demand for eBooks, many writers have started to contemplate writing eBooks as a niche. Both, the professional and home-based content writers can write an eBook owing to their skills in writing, but writing an exceptional eBook demands time from writers. In this post, I shall discuss with you the necessary steps that you need to take to come up with a prodigious eBook. Without further ado, let me take you straight towards the steps that you need to take to compile an exceptional book.

Step No. 1: Time is Money

In the first place, you need to make sure what your eBook is all about. To do this with rectification, you will need to spend time thinking about the matter that your eBook should contain. In the first place, you will need to create an outline. An outline for an eBook will depend on the topic about which you are writing an eBook. For instance, if you are writing an eBook about content writing recipes; then the outline of your eBook should encompass the necessary ingredients for content writing. Let me give you an idea as a freelance content writer for writing an outline about the eBook with the name, CONTENT WRITING RECIPES:

Make the title of an eBook first and introduce a tagline next to it.

Part 1: Introduce to the readers about yourself. (Author Biography).

Part 2: Present to the readers about what is content writing (Introduction).

Part 3: Start with the basics. (Tell a bit about Keywords & Search Engine Optimization)

Part 4: Ensure for whom you are writing content (Target Audience)

Part 5: Discuss how to create titles for pieces of work. (Catchy Headlines)

Part 6: Tell how to concise a pile of documents (Summary)

Part 7: Know how to begin your topic with triumph. (Perfect Introduction)

Part 8: Use connecting sentences to link different paragraphs. (Connectors)

Part 9: Perfectly end the topic that you are discussing. (Conclusion)

Part 10: Read your article time and again to eradicate errors. (Proofreading)

All of the above steps for writing an impeccable eBook will demand time from you. If you allocate a time period to the above ingredients for writing an eBook about content writing recipes, then compiling a phenomenal eBook will become a piece of cake for you.

Step No. 2: Spend Time on Research before You Compile an eBook

Before you start writing an eBook, I recommend that you spend sufficient time researching the topic and target audience of your eBook. For example, if your target audience is children; then you will need to deploy Infographics in your eBook. Why? Because children understand visuals by leaps and bounds than text. You will need to do thorough research about the topic of your eBook. Make sure that you research all the nuts and bolts related to your topic of an eBook. Suppose if the topic of your eBook is English Grammar, then you should research about the following things in detail:

  1. Sentences and Their Classification.
  2. Parts of Speech.
  3. Tenses
  4. Active and Passive Voice
  5. Direct and Indirect Narration
  6. Punctuation
  7. Sentence Correction
  8. Essential Vocabulary (for Everyday Use)
  9. Idioms & Phrases (Popular Ones).
  10. Letter Writing
  11. Story Writing
  12. Essay Writing

Researching about the preceding topics will demand sufficient time from you. However, if you conduct a thorough research about the topic of your eBook, then you will be able to produce a wonderful eBook after your efforts.

Step No. 3: Time Will Become Your Ally to Compile an eBook after Research

After doing all the hard work through research, compiling a perfect eBook will become a child’s play for you. You will know what you need to talk about in your eBook after conducting in-depth research about the topic and target audience of your eBook. Here are the points that you need to keep in your mind while you write about the subject matter of your eBook:

  • Be informal, as not every person in the world is highly educated. You need to make sure that your target audience comprehends what you want to tell them about. Please, do not use complicated words or sentences.
  • Make use of humor if it fits with the subject of your eBook. The target audience of your eBook will feel fresh while reading your eBook if you utilize a bit of humor.
  • Be informative. Make sure you deal with all the ins and outs of your topic in an eBook. Knowledge works as power, and many people in the world want it desperately.
  • Make sure you convince your readers about the topic through arguments in your eBook. Remain persuasive to retain the attention of your target audience.
  • If you are writing an eBook about a story, then you will need to adopt a narrative style of writing.
  • Use references in your eBook if they boost the credibility of your eBook.
  • After completing your eBook, you will need to check it for errors about 3 to 5 times. It is understood that eBooks with loads of errors mean you are not an exceptional author.

Step No. 4: Take Some Time to Enhance the Appearance of Your eBook

After you have finished writing an impeccable eBook, you will need to spend time to enhance its appearance. Choose the right template that fits best with the topic of your eBook. What about the colors? Make full use of the appropriate colors in your eBooks, as colors attract the readers to read any book, be it an eBook or a book. Incorporate visuals where you feel the need for them in your eBook. Also, make the most of famous quotes in your eBook if you think that they go well with the topic of your eBook. Encourage readers to buy your eBook by incorporating a CTA (Call to Action) on the cover page of your eBook. For example, a CTA can be as follows: Limited Edition Available. Buy Now!

Step No. 5: Spend Time to Finalize Your eBook

You will very likely be compiling your eBook as a Microsoft Word Document. After you have finished writing your eBook, you would want it to be in a readable format. So use the necessary software or tool to convert your eBook to PDF (Portable Document Format). You will need to do it, as eBook looks great in a readable form. This step will take lesser time than all of the other steps that I have discussed to compile an exceptional eBook.


Do you agree now with the statement: Writing an exceptional eBook demands time? Of course, it takes time. On the other hand, the time that you spend as a home based content writer or a professional content writer can be converted to money if you become an eBook seller. Many content writers started as eBooks writers in the past, and today their eBooks are the world’s best-selling eBooks. You can join the list of the world’s best eBook sellers if you carefully spend time while compiling an eBook. Last but not least, writing an exceptional eBook definitely demands time!

How Can You Find an Efficient Home Based Content Writer?

home based content writer, freelance content writer

How hard is it to find an efficient home based content writer these days? Of course, finding the right freelance content writer is a daunting task, but it does not mean that you cannot find one. As long as you know what you should look for in a home-based content writer, your burden will be lightened. Let us provide you some tips that will help you find the right freelance content writer at a quick pace:

Tip #1: Check Writer’s Portfolio

The deserving home based content writer will have a portfolio of his/her work. So if someone claims to you that he/she is the right fit for the content writing job, then you can ask that person to display his/her portfolio to you. You may find that person’s portfolio on a blogging website, such as WordPress or Blogger.

Tip #2: Writer’s Response

You will also need to check the response time of the writer to your request. For instance, if you have posted a job opportunity on Upwork, then you should check whether that writer responds to your job post promptly or not. The quick response time by writer means: He/She is interested to do the business with you.

Tip #3: Means of Communication

Once a writer has won your trust for doing the job for you, then you need to do one more thing i.e., taking the writer towards your preferred medium, be it Skype, Gmail, or instant messaging website like Messenger. On your chosen medium, you can contact the writers about the details of your project and the means through which you may pay the writer.

To Sum Up…

An efficient freelance writer should have a strong portfolio. Such a writer should be flexible in discussing the project with you on any medium. Lastly, an efficient home-based content writer should respond to an employer’s request quickly.

Understanding Social Media


social media, social media knowledge

What Is Social Media?  

Social media is an interactive media that allows users to create, share and exchange information on the internet. It has become the best medium of communication today. Social media is flourishing from its birth. Social media networks offer new and meaningful ways to people to communicate with each other. Social media networking has changed the way people do business, the way they meet each other, and the way they interact with each other. New social media sites are created time and again due to the growing popularity of social media.

social media websites, social media site

Social Media Websites:    

Seven different types of social media websites are available today.

1. Social Media Networking Websites: Such social media sites allow users to interact by adding friends, commenting on profiles, joining groups and having discussions. Facebook and LinkedIn examples of social networking websites.

2. Social Bookmarking Websites: Such sites allow users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. These sites also allow users to tag their favorite website links. Delicious and StumbleUpon are examples of social bookmarking websites.

3. Social News Websites: These sites allow users to post news articles or posts that they find interesting. Reddit and Digg are examples of social news websites.      

4. Media Sharing Websites: These sites allow users to interact by sharing photos or videos and commenting on user submissions. YouTube is a famous video sharing and Flickr Flickr is a popular photo-sharing social media site.

5. Wikis Sites: Online encyclopedia websites that allow users to interact by adding articles or editing existing articles. Wikipedia is an example of a wiki.

6. Forums and Blogging Sites: Forum sites allow users to hold online conversations about the topic they like and blogging sites are places where content is posted and updated as discrete entries. Blogger is a renowned blogging website and WarriorForum is an example of a forum.

7. Microblogging Websites: Such sites allow users to post small pieces of digital content which could be text, pictures, links or short videos. Twitter is the most popular microblogging website.

social media marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

“The process of gaining traffic or attention to one’s own website by using social media is known as Social Media Marketing.” Every social media website has a specific purpose, so online businesses use social networking websites for marketing in accordance with the purpose of those sites. Some social media websites allow users to share short messages, some allow users to upload videos or presentations, and some allow them to give a link to their websites. Distinct social functions of social media sites make social media marketing very effective for businesses.

social media for business, social media network

What To Focus On While Using Social Media For Business?

You should focus on certain things before using social media for business. You must know your audience in the first place before executing any social media strategy. You should be aware of the needs and wants of your target audience. Next, you must know the purpose of each social media website. You should use an appropriate social media network for communication. For instance, if you are in a business of animated video advertisements, then YouTube is the best social media site for you to communicate with your customers. Focusing on preceding things will help you execute your social media strategies successfully.

social media monitoring

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring refers to the monitoring of conversations going on social media websites about a particular brand. It is a great way to find out the opinions of people about a brand. It helps businesses to respond to customers in accordance with their insights. It also helps businesses identify their share of voice on social media platforms. Social media monitoring aids businesses to discover gaps in the online market too, and thus allows them to find sales opportunities.

social media monitoring, social media manager, social media monitor

Social Media Manager for Social Media Management   

Social media provides a platform to people to listen, interact, engage and collaborate with each other. Whenever the volume of conversations about a specific company on a social media site rises, it becomes a very difficult process for a company to manage those conversations. Therefore, companies hire social media managers for their social media management. Social media manager monitors, contributes, filters, measures, and guides the company’s presence on social media.

famous social websites

Why Do Internet Users Go for Social Media?

People go for social media since it offers them benefits in certain ways. First of all, it allows people to share their views, ideas, and opinions with others. Moreover, the discovery of new content in social media turns into a news story that spread quickly helping the contributor of that news to become popular over the internet in a short span of time. It also helps companies to market their products and services to people across the globe. These benefits of social media encourage internet users to choose it.

How Did Animation Proceed From Past to Present? Each Explainer Video Has a Value for Business

explainer videos, animated videos


In past, animation was a very lengthy process and it was done by creating photographs one by one. At that time, it was not trouble-free for an individual artist to draw hundreds of drawings for sole purpose of animation. Animation became a bit easier when celluloid was used for making backgrounds, so that backgrounds remained stationary and animator was only required to draw characters for showing movements.


The famous cartoonist, “Walt Disney” took animation to a new level by introducing sound to animation. It was he who first produced the first full-length classically animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.


Invention of computer proved to be a good sign for animation artists as it had made the process of animation much easier. Special effects given through computer software proved great for grabbing attention of the viewers.


Antecedently, animation was used for making movies and cartoons but today business owners are using animation to advertise as well. Smart business owners prefer going for explainer video in order to promote their business effectively to customers.

There are six animation styles through which business can promote its products and services which are mentioned below:

1) Character Animation: This animation style is ideal for targeting products made for children. Bisconni’sCocomo” Commercial is a good example of character animation.  

2) Whiteboard Animation: A whiteboard video is effective for promotion of complex business. Below is a whiteboard video that promotes the complex business of GREYHOUNDLEGAL.COM in style to its target audience:

3) Kinetic Animation: This style is usually used to remind people about a popular product or service. Following video reminds people about the funny conversation among people in the American action comedy film, “Rush Hour”. 

4) Cutout Animation: Cutout animation is a great choice if you want to inspire your viewers. Following video is a good example of cutout animation:

5) Infographics Animation: It is used to present complex information quickly and clearly to the target audience. Following video of pricena.com follows infographics animation:

6) Screencast Animation: Screencast animation is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a “Video Screen Capture”. This animation style gives people good understanding about a business. Following screencast video of ideascale.com tells people how the site works:

You would have understood by now the meaningfulness of each animation style. Character animation attracts children, a whiteboard video describes complex business, kinetic typography video reminds people about something that is popular, cutout video inspires viewers,  infographics animation delivers a business message effectively and screencast animation help people understand a particular business. In short, every explainer video has a value for business.  

Mobile Application Development and Types of Mobile Apps

mobile app, mobile apps

With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, mobile application (app) development is also thriving. The question is: What is Mobile App Development? “It is the process of developing mobile applications (apps) for smartphones.” The mobile app development process draws much of its root from traditional software development.

Types of Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are very much like desktop software, and they are designed using a wide range of programming languages and frameworks. In general, there are three types of mobile apps, which are mentioned below:

  1. Native Mobile Apps: These mobile apps are created for specific platforms including iOS and Android. Xcode and Objective-C are used to produce iOS apps, whereas Eclipse and Java are used to produce Android apps.
  2. HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language 5) Mobile Apps: These mobile apps take a write-once-run-anywhere approach for the building of a mobile app. Mobile apps that are developed in this framework are cross-platform comfortable and require only minimal changes.
  3. Hybrid Mobile Apps:  These mobile apps involve the formation of a container developed in the native system that makes it possible to embed an HTML5 app within it. These are coded with web technologies including HTML5, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript.

Academic Writing and Citation Styles

academic writing, citation styles

Academic Writing is a piece of writing that is, clear, succinct, focused, structured, and backed up by evidence. The main purpose of academic writing is to display information so that the readers can easily understand the context. Academic writing has a formal tone, and it does not require the use of long sentences and complex vocabulary.

What Is a Citation?

“The way of giving credit to individuals for their pieces of work that one deploys to support one’s research is called Citation.”

What Are Different Citation Styles?

In general, there are three citation styles that are mentioned below:

  1. APA: APA stands for American Psychological Association. It is used for the following three fields: Education, Psychology, and Science.
  2. MLA: MLA stands for Modern Language Association: It is used for the field of Humanities.
  3. Chicago: It is also known as a Turabian Style. It is used for the following three fields: Business, History, and Fine Arts.

SEO – How to Get Your Website on the Top of SERPs?

seo, search engine opimization,

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it is a practice to increase the quantity and quality of one’s website through organic search engine results. 3 things fall in SEO, which are mentioned below:

  1. Quality of Traffic: Visitors who are generally interested in your products and visit your website falls in Quality of Traffic.
  2. Quantity of Traffic: If quality visitors increase to your website, then those visitors fall in Quantity of Traffic.
  3. Organic Results: If your website appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) when you do not pay anything, then such results are called Organic Results

How Search Engine Optimization Works:

It may be in your knowledge that a search engine is a website where you type anything and get results. Do you know: How does the search engine actually work? Here is your answer:

“Search engine (for e.g. Google) has a crawler that crawls the web and gathers a piece of information that you are looking for after you type something on search engine”

How to Get Your Website on Top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) through SEO?

SEO is a practice that will take some time if you want to get your website on the top of SERPs. Following are 5 great strategies that can help you to bring your website on top of SERPs:

  1. Make a Unique Domain Name for Your Website: In the first place, you will need to create a unique domain name. A unique domain name means that it should be short and memorable. You should also avoid hyphens in your domain name if you want the search engine to consider your website to display in SERPs.
  2. Optimize Your Website with Relevant Keywords: Search engines consider keywords for Meta Title, Meta Description, and H1. You should utilize relevant keywords in your Meta Title, Meta Description, and H1. Do not overuse keywords, as it falls in keyword stuffing that can force a search engine to impose plenty on you. There should be only a single H1 for a particular page.
  3. Generate Backlinks As Many As You Can: You should also try to generate backlinks for your website. Make sure that you do not spam while generating the backlinks. To generate backlinks, you can go for guest posting, post articles on article directories, and create threads on different forums. 
  4. Capitalize on the Blog of Your Website: There should be a blog on your website, where you should keep posting blog posts daily or weekly or monthly to retain your visitors or followers. In blog posts, you can utilize your business keywords naturally so that the search engine may give importance to your posts. 
  5. Do Not Forget about Social Media: You should have an account on social media or business pages on social media. You should use your social media accounts to post content on social media i.e., relevant to your business. Social media can also help you reach potential customers through your social media posts.

Static Website and a Dynamic Website – Their Advantages and Disadvantages

dynamic vs static website, dynamic website and static website

dynamic vs static website, dynamic website and static website

Every online business needs a website to stand out among its competitors. The type of the website a person choose for his business plays a vital role in determining the strength and efficacy of a business. Basically, there are two types of websites that are static and dynamic website. Mention below are definitions, advantages, and disadvantages of static and dynamic websites.

static website, static websites, advantages of a static website, disadvantages of a static website

What Is A Static Website?

Static website contains web pages with fixed content, and static websites are built through HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Front end developers create static websites.

Advantages of a Static Website

  1. Saves Time: Development of static websites saves time, because static websites are alacritous to develop.
  2. Money Saving Approach: Static websites are money saving, because such websites are cheaper to develop as compared to dynamic websites.
  3. Hosting: Static websites are easier to host, because static websites have fixed data.
  4. Indexing: Search engines such as Google, Bing etc., can easily index a static website.
  5. Fast Transfer: Static websites can be quickly transferred from server to client without much processing time.

Disadvantages of a Static Website

  1. Hard to Change: Content of static websites cannot be changed easily. Proficiency of a web developer is required to add or change content of a static website.
  2. Unsuitable for the Long Run: Every business has updates, and static website is not a good choice to make updates, because static website does not allow you to make changes to it regularly.
  3. Limited Functionality: Static websites have limited functionality, because such websites do not allow you to make various changes to it.

dynamic website, dynamic websites, advantages of a dynamic website, disadvantages of a dynamic website

What Is A Dynamic Website?

Dynamic website is developed by using a server-side scripting languages such as PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) along with MySQL (“My” Structured Query Language), JavaScript, and ASP (Active Server Pages). Backend developers create dynamic websites.

Advantages of a Dynamic Website

  1. Simple to Update: Dynamic websites are simpler to update. You don’t need expert knowledge to make changes to a dynamic website.
  2. User-Focused Design: Dynamic websites are built by keeping users in minds. Users can make preferred changes to such websites.
  3. Highly Responsive: Dynamic websites can be quickly updated to become responsive to different screen sizes.
  4. Highly Functional: Dynamic websites are highly functional. Users can made many changes to dynamic websites.
  5. SEO-friendly Design: Dynamic websites are SEO-friendly.

Disadvantages of a Dynamic Website

  1. Big-ticket: Dynamic websites are big-ticket. You have to pay more money for the development and hosting of a dynamic website as compared to a static website.
  2. Slow Processing: Dynamic websites have many functions; therefore, such websites are slower to process and load.

who is better

If you compare the advantages and disadvantages of both dynamic and static websites; you will conclude that dynamic website is a better investment than a static website. Dynamic website is a one-time investment, and it is a better approach to represent your business to the online world.