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Surfers often search the internet to find answers to queries they have in their minds. Mostly, they deploy their favorite search engine, Google, and their beloved FAQ website to find their answers. They also get the best answers from authentic and relevant websites. A few of the most popular question and answer websites are Quora and Ask to add to your knowledge.  Additionally, FAQs are eligible for rich results contingent on their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Frequently asked questions also help businesses and bloggers to bring visitors to their websites while providing them with relevant information. Hence, FAQs have special importance for the search engine, businesses, bloggers, and of course the surfers.

FAQs and Google

Undoubtedly, the world’s most popular search engine gives importance to FAQs page content. However, Google recommends indexing FAQs page to comply with Google guidelines. Google also displays the FAQ page to appear on Google Rich Results if it meets the following requirements:

a.       FAQs page contains multiple questions with each question featuring one answer, generated via the site itself.

b.      FAQs page should also contain informative, valuable, and relevant content for site users.

Website owners who want a FAQs page to appear on Google Rich Results should test it beforehand via Rich Results Test. They should index a Q&A page instead of a FAQ page if a question features multiple answers from users. Moreover, the importance of the FAQs page for the search engine is to provide users with the most relevant information.

FAQs and Businesses

Frequently asked questions have importance for businesses as well. They serve them a great value in various ways. Answering FAQ questions by customers offer businesses the following advantages:

i.            Enhancing the customers’ experience

ii.            Providing valuable information to customers to make a purchase decision fast

iii.            Reducing the time that employees may need to answer customers’ queries

iv.            Increasing online visibility of a business on search engines

v.            Boosting sales for a business

Hence, common FAQ questions for websites benefit businesses in multiple ways.

FAQs and Bloggers

FAQs help bloggers, too, when they add a certain FAQ and its answer as a part of their blog post. If the readers find the answer helpful, they may leave positive comments about the post and the author. As a result, posts rank high and appear in the top search results. Nevertheless, bloggers should only add FAQ as a part of their blog posts if it is relevant to their posts. Furthermore, blogs posts with a Table of Contents featuring a relevant FAQ help readers fast to find the relevant information.

FAQs and Surfers

Frequently asked questions also benefit surfers besides search engines, businesses, and bloggers. Internet users looking for relevant information online often type questions on the search bar to find answers. They succeed in finding answers to queries they have in mind through Google, a FAQ site, etc., usually. Additionally, they don’t find relevant answers at times because people haven’t asked about them or answered them before. Nevertheless, surfers get related answers to their queries through search engines, websites, and FAQ sites, with time. Some of the reputable question and answer websites for surfers are as follows:

1.      Quora

2.      Answers.com

3.      WikiAnswers


FAQs help all and sundry, ranging from surfers to search engines and businesses.


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