street crimes
street crimes

Crime rates are increasing from day to day in the world. These offenses include fraud, assassination, and abduction, etc. Not only are these crimes being committed by professionals, but also by quite poor individuals, and many of these activities are street crimes. Street crime is actually short-term for any criminal offense in public areas. A crime conducted in public areas by citizens is called a street crime.

The first point which should be noticed is that in the context that they are often not committed by trained criminals, street crimes vary from typical crimes. Research has shown that the persons who get into such kind of activities are ordinary native-looking beings who engage in such practices, tired of chronic poverty.

The primary explanation for this is the widening distinction between rich and poor. In the past, poor folks were supported or cared for by rich people, which established a close link between the two groups of society. Sadly, the case is flipped. It seems that core principles have completely vanished.

Types of Street Crimes

There are several types of street crimes. The most common type of street crimes include but are not limited to the following:

Mobile snatching

Mobile snatching is indeed a very common crime especially in Karachi, Pakistan where nearly 80% of Karachi citizens become its victim once in their lives. As per the study, at minimum 200 to 400 smartphones are snatched each day in Karachi.


This sort of crime has been rising very swiftly and committed especially in the parts of the world, which are exposed to terrorism. Target killing has become common in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Crime against property

An example of property crime is wide extorting theft. Property fraud is prevalent in Pakistan, growing day by day. It is a popular form of street crime, people try to cheat someone else to get unethical or illegitimate gain.

Street crimes against public health

The sale and purchase from drug dealers is a form of street crime. According to a survey, there are 6.7 million substance abusers in Pakistan. Therefore, more than 4 million of these consumers are among the largest number of addicts in any nation in the world and everything goes against public health. However, Pakistan is not the only country having drug problems. Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, the U.S. (United States), and Great Britain are also amongst the street crimes against public health.

Causes of street crimes        

Crimes are public errors that exist from the developmental history of human society. Some of the central factors of street crimes are unemployment, lack of education, corruption, and lack of law, etc.


Now the question arises: How can we reduce street crimes? What are adequate measures which should be taken to deal with them?

Street crimes can be reduced by finding out the root causes of them. First of all, the government should generate new employment for young people, which can also help in this aspect by ensuring business climate. Effective and less costly training will help to reduce the nations’ street crimes. The media may play a crucial role in minimizing street crimes by publishing motivational materials.  Removing societal corruption can also minimize street crimes. Street crimes can be minimized by introducing new law enforcement agencies in the affected countries. Honest and effective police officers in the countries should be designated. In order to help the police to apprehend the culprits, security cameras should be mounted on all street corners. The black sheep in the police department must be identified and strong action against them should be taken.


    • Poverty is mainly caused due to unemployment and I have mentioned that. However, I agree that poverty should have been separately mentioned in my article. Thankyou for the comment anyways.


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