All scientific inventions are phenomenal and extremely effective and have transformed the lifestyles of mankind considerably. Truly speaking, since the time when rock was struck to create a sharp-edged apparatus to the first appearance of the wheel about 5500 years back in Mesopotamia to the Mars rovers, a motor vehicle capable of traveling on the Mars planet and still making innumerable headways like unprecedented and rapid development in the field of internet. Undoubtedly, there is a large number of scientific Inventions. However, the following five are the most distinguished ones keeping in view their everlasting significance and efficacy.

1. The Wheel

The wheel is not a sudden or dramatic discovery and advancement and therefore can not be regarded as a breakthrough invention like the lightbulb, the telephone. In fact, the archaeologist’s pieces of evidence suggest it is about 5500 years old exploration and found in Mesopotamia, a historical region located in West Asia. At the inception, it was not employed for transportation purposes. Rather, it was used as the potter wheel, a machine that ushered in a revolution for ancient people. In due course of time, the amalgamation of the axel and wheel brought about the preliminary model of transformation. Subsequently, this type of transportation evolved into further substantial forms, especially with the advancement of science and technology. Ensuring the origination of the wheel, the Sumerian, the earliest renowned civilization of Mesopotamia, developed the sled, a vehicle-type object employed for traveling purposes.

Indeed, the use of wheel has been the same, but the contemporary wheels are quite distinct from the older plain wooden ones. The advancement in material science has given rise to various tires in respect of cars, bicycles, trucks, etc. Above all, the wheel has contributed in every field, whether it is agriculture, commerce, and the individual life of a man, found as a pivotal component of our way of living.

2. The Compass

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Prehistoric seafarers, known as mariners, would navigate using the stars; however, that technique was not workable while they used to navigate on cloudy nights or during the daytime, at times would result in harmful consequences, especially for voyage away from their local areas. It was important to have an appropriate device whereby mariners could ascertain their direction during navigation. The compass was produced for the first time by the Chinese about two thousand years ago. At the inception, it was named “South Pointing Fish.” It is commonly known as a magnetometer that computes a magnetic flash, especially a magnetic field. A few compasses measure a change in a magnetic field, direction, or strength regarding the practical direction or location. It shows a diagram usually identified as “compass rose,” displaying main routes in terms of directions such as West(W), East(E), North (N), and South(S), and the gradient rises the clockwise direction. Over time, the significant technology progressed and moved on to the Arabs and Europeans. They made several changes using science and technology advancements. Thus, the compass helped the mariners navigate securely everywhere. This invention and subsequent remarkable developments have made headways in respect of the sea trade and navigation as a whole.

3. The Telephone

Admittedly, the invention of the telephone device significantly provided an unprecedented facility of human interaction to a greater extent. It is the apparatus employed to pass on and collect sounds. The word telephone originated from the word tele and phone that means far and voice, respectively, in the Greek language. Its pioneers confronted many controversies, for many inventors were engaged in its work, especially the voice transmission using a wire. However, Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish scientist, and engineer were credited with this invention and patenting, considering it the first functional telephones in March 1876.

Undoubtedly, the telephone was an essential invention for mankind that helped enhance the exchange of information and contributed to the communication revolution. Thus, the telephone can be regarded as the best invention, enabling instant voice communication amongst people worldwide regardless of any distance issue. Moreover, it has revolutionized the entire global communication as well as trade and business considerably.

4. Penicillin

Penicillin is regarded to be a set of antibiotics acquired from Penicillium molds. It was not invented, rather discovered by Alexander Fleming, a Scottish scientist. Due to time, the different methods were also devised in respect of extensive isolation and penicillin production. This work earned Alexander the Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology and has protected millions of lives. About one to ten persons suffer from an allergic issue, especially to the antibiotic. It does away with the bacteria and helps prevent the germs from combining a molecule, peptidoglycan, in the wall of a cell, thereby giving it the strength required to remain in the human body. This drug disables the wall of a cell and affecting germs to die, and subsequently enabling the individual to get better from an infection caused by a bacteria.

5. The Internet

The Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks (ARPANET) was the first network that implemented IP/TCP protocol suite in Jan 1983; thereby, either technology got to be the technical base of the internet. At which point, the researchers started amalgamating the “network of networks.” No single person can be credited with the invention of the internet, as it was the endeavor of a large number of researchers, engineers, programmers, and of course, scientists. Undoubtedly, innumerable people put their efforts into developing the internet, but Lawrence, a computer scientist, is often credited in this respect. The internet has become part and parcel of our lives, and without whom, nothing seems complete. The internet has brought about a sea change in every walk of life. It enables people to improve their lifestyles and access things that would not have been accessible previously. One can see the utmost significance of the internet from the United Nations’Nations’ proposal to make it an integral part of fundamental human rights. Thus, the internet has played a vital role in shaping our lifestyles. It would be providing many more platforms in the form of opportunities, particularly in e-commerce, virtual education, and even in the medical field.

These are just a few of the amazing inventions that we have mentioned. The world has witnessed a lot of them. Undoubtedly, these inventions have made life much easier for humans and will continue to facilitate us. It is hard to imagine how life would have been without these inventions.

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