When we speak about preparing for Ramadan, we also think about ways to improve our good deeds, such as reading more Qur’an and praying more at night. After all, Ramadan is all about optimizing our efforts!

However, we seldom consider the main activity associated with Ramadan: fasting. During Ramadan, we must fast every day, and we should reflect on how beneficial this action is to our hearts, minds, bodies, and, eventually, our relationship with Allah (SWT).

In this article, we are going back to the basic Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan For Believers.

The Physical Benefits

Fasting lets us take care of our bodies, which Allah has given us as an Amanah (trust). Here are some of the physical health advantages of fasting on a daily basis:

     • It prevents us from obesity and the diseases that come with it.

     • It helps to minimize inflammation.

     • It improves cognitive function and can aid in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.

     • It helps to regulate blood sugar levels by lowering insulin resistance.

     • It improves cardiovascular wellbeing.

     • It has the potential to slow down the aging process and prolong life.

In the end, we fast for Allah’s sake, not to lose weight, prevent heart disease, or because it’s “healthy for us.” So, each time you fast, make the correct intention and alert yourself of it.

 The Mental Benefits

Fasting benefits our psychological health by strengthening our relationship with food.

 Food is one of the most precious gifts that Allah has bestowed upon us. It provides us with the pleasure of sharing a meal with our loved ones, the delight of enticing aromas and delightful tastes, and the enjoyment of artistic expression by cooking and experimenting.

However, our relationship with food has become unbalanced, particularly in this day and age. Nowadays, we eat because we’re lonely, socializing, nervous, or just selfish. We eat fried and sugary foods without thinking about it, then go on strict diets to detox, only to continue the cycle!

 Fasting is an excellent way to change our attitude towards food. During Ramadan, in particular, we:

• Must stop planning our days around mealtimes.

 • Put an end to your materialistic relationship with food.

• Listen attentively to our bodies.

• Keep in mind that food is a necessity.

 • Each time we eat, we should remember Allah.

The Spiritual Benefits     

Fasting, Alhamdulillah, is beneficial to our bodies, minds, and souls! It is a special investment in the next life and helps us spiritually in this life:

  1. It Boosts Our Taqwa

 Taqwa has been interpreted as being aware of Allah, fearing Allah, or simply being pious. It has the deep sense of being alert over our own lives, as if constantly aware that Allah is watching us. As a consequence, we improve as individuals, are less likely to slip into poor habits, and are more willing to seek out the deeds that satisfy Allah!

  • It Leads Us To Jannah

On the day of judgement, we can only imagine what it would be like to be summoned to the gate of Ar-Rayyan (the gate of Jannah). We can’t imagine what it will be like to enter Allah’s Jannah through this doorway. The days of fasting bring us closer to our target.

  • It Comes With Incredible Benefits

Fasting, like many other good deeds, would lead us to Jannah and keep us from Hellfire. But what exactly is the benefit of fasting? What is it that we can only achieve by fasting for Allah’s sake?

According to scholars, the reward of fasting is Allah Himself, because we are sacrificing our own essential needs of food and water for His sake, and He will reward us with Himself in the next life! There is no better ‘time of joy’ than this – it is the pinnacle of achievement.



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