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What Is a Logo?

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Do you have any idea: What Is a Logo? It is a graphical representation of a company name, trademark or abbreviation. In simple words, a logo symbolizes what a particular business stands for.

Significance of Logo for Business:

A logo represents a business image. Symbols are usually used in business logos to communicate a business message to the target audience.

Purpose of a Logo:

The purpose of a logo is to visually communicate a unique identity that may be associated with a particular personality or an organization.

What Is a Logo Design Principle?

KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) is a logo design principle.

5 Basic Types of a Logo

Following are 5 basic types of logos:

  1. Symbol or Icon Logo: Logo in the form of a symbol or icon is called a Symbol or Icon Logo. Examples include the Logo of Apple and Shell.
  2. Word Mark Logo: Logo in the form of a uniquely styled text is called a Word Mark Logo. A good example of this logotype is Facebook Logo.
  3. Letter Mark Logo: Logo in the form of a symbol representing the company through the use of its initials or the first letter of the brand is called a Letter Mark Logo. Examples include General Electric and McDonald’s Logo.
  4. Combination Mark Logo: Logo that combines a wordmark and symbol is called a Combination Mark Logo. A good example is the Adidas Logo.
  5. Emblem Logo: Logo enclosing the company name within the design is called an Emblem Logo. Example is Starbucks Logo.



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