Dear Parents, parenting and seeing your child growing up is a delight. Isn’t it? However, most of the time, parents are not able to spend time with their children. Well, it can be because of their jobs or other responsibilities. Imparting your time to children does not always mean that you should just be playing with them. There are tons of more things you can do to spend quality time with your child.

Below are the 5 essential tips to spend quality time with your child. So let’s dive into them.

Play Fun Games With Them

Playing games with them is not just good for them but is also a stress buster for you. Games can be indoors too, like Carrom, Word puzzles, Scrabble, to name a few. It will not only entertain your child but also prove your reason for happiness. You will have some memories to capture in your mind, which will prove nostalgic in prospects.

Read For Them

One of the most overlooked ways to spend quality time with your child is ‘reading for him/her’. This is not just a fun activity but also helps in developing and nurturing your relationship with your kid. Also, you can recall the moments of your childhood when your parents used to read for you. It will create a great bond between you and your child. Nowadays, parents forget to have the last say to their children while going to sleep, contributing to making the parent-child relationship weaker. Don’t be such an example, and always try to re-live with your child.

Involve Yourself in Drawing or Coloring With Your Child

Another wonderful way to spend quality time with your kid is ‘drawing or coloring’. This activity also brings calm and mindfulness into one’s life. Children often become creative when there are colors involved in their activities. It allows your child to develop a sense of observation. Also, it will offer you to see the weird and funny things being done by your child. It is an absolutely wonderful experience for both of you.

Involve Your Child In Men’s Activities

How about doing your Sunday chores together? Like washing the car with your child instructing you. Yes! Let your children get involved, let them take charge, and let them feel like an equal partner whose opinions matter. Ask your child what he thinks about changing a car or shifting to a new home.  These type of questions nurtures your child’s mental health. It will foster him to become a responsible man in the future.

Teach Him Basic Lifestyle Stuff            

This tip contributes a lot to making your child societal-friendly. It might prove to be an excellent excuse to spend quality time with your child. Teach him the basics of societal, religious, and relationship values. You can teach him by going on a walk together, simply chatting about daily life.

To wrap up, you must remember that sometimes you might feel that the kid doesn’t enjoy your company. But don’t give up, and keep in mind that it is in your hands to make the parent-child relationship a priority and get connected with them.


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