Academic Writing is a piece of writing that is, clear, succinct, focused, structured, and backed up by evidence. The main purpose of academic writing is to display information so that the readers can easily understand the context. Academic writing has a formal tone, and it does not require the use of long sentences and complex vocabulary.

What Is a Citation?

“The way of giving credit to individuals for their pieces of work that one deploys to support one’s research is called Citation.”

What Are Different Citation Styles?

In general, there are three citation styles that are mentioned below:

  1. APA: APA stands for American Psychological Association. It is used for the following three fields: Education, Psychology, and Science.
  2. MLA: MLA stands for Modern Language Association: It is used for the field of Humanities.
  3. Chicago: It is also known as a Turabian Style. It is used for the following three fields: Business, History, and Fine Arts.


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