Writing on topics that are popular and discussed on social media platforms is one of the best strategies to increase the visibility and traffic to your articles. Trending topics get traction for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they are perceived to be more valuable to the reader. This type of content is also more likely to receive links and shares. Following and posting about the latest news in your field makes displaying domain expertise a snap. It then obtains you, as well as your following and subscribers. Any content marketing strategy must include a strategy for exploiting industry trends.

Trending topics will lead to more leads. Use the resources to find trending topics listed below to come up with trending article topics. To make your material stand out, you must go above and beyond what is currently popular.

Here are “10 Excellent Resources to Find Trending Topics and Write Articles”:


Medium is a prominent online publishing platform with over 50M daily visitors. It is a great resource to find trending topics. Medium features amazing information from a variety of industries. Because it exclusively covers trendy subjects, it is extremely popular among bloggers. The section titled “Popular on Medium” is a must-see. All of the posts with the most likes, shares, and comments are collected in this area.

A ‘category search’ option is also available on the platform. This option serves to help you specify posts that are pertinent to your topic. To see the most popular posts on Medium, sign up for a free account and log in. You can ‘Follow’ bloggers and categories on Medium to see their most recent posts.


From the world’s most rapid stream of content, you can find a long list of popular subjects. You will have trending content at your disposal before others.

It is made up of information from many niches. You’ll discover anything here that has the potential to go viral, from major news events to memes. Participate in the discussion to get fresh ideas for writing your next article. It is indeed a great resource to find trending topics and write articles.


Quora is an online community where you can ask questions about anything. You can also network with others in your business to acquire unique perspectives and useful information. Quora covers a wide range of subjects, from dinosaurs to self-driving automobiles.

On Quora, you may also ‘Follow’ relevant topics for your article. After doing that, the FAQ will pop up in your News Feed every time you sign in. To see the most recent questions and answers about your industry, go to the ‘News Questions’ tab. These questions can be turned into your articles.

Google Trends

It is a cool resource that lets you do comparative keyword research to find the ones that are getting the most attention. You may look at Google shopping trends, videos and, images. Also, you can utilize the tool to get to know what is trending in a given location or category.

Enter a search term or a topic as indicated in the image, and a flurry of relevant ideas will appear. You may learn about the most recent news stories and the most frequently asked questions from across the world.


Today, almost every website has social share buttons. Do you know why?  Because social media is an excellent resource for web traffic. Have a look at the content that is being greatly distributed throughout the social media platforms to see what’s trending. This platform will assist you in recognizing unique and quality content that is operating tremendously. It is one of the great resources to find trending topics.

This platform allows you to find the most popular material as well as stuff that is about to become popular.


Feedly is an excellent resource to find trending topics for your blog content. It is a reliable platform for bloggers, surpassing 15 million users. With just one click, you may subscribe to prominent blogs in your niche. You can search for relevant papers by selecting a certain category. Subscribing to their feed is free, and you’ll have all of the freshest news delivered to your Feedly dashboard.

Feedly has everything under its sleeve, from technology to food. You can discover fascinating stuff from admirable publications such as RSS feeds, creative blogs, the New York Times, tweets, and YouTube channels.

LinkedIn Pulse

I’m sure most of you have heard of LinkedIn. LinkedIn Pulse leads surfing to another level by enabling you to keep up with the latest news. The editors of LinkedIn curate these articles and post them on the platform to keep article writers up to date.

LinkedIn Pulse has got a feature called “What People Are Talking About Right Now.” To get your daily dosage of hot article ideas, click on it. Influential industry specialists provide blog entries, news, and insights to the site.


Pocket will provide you with instant access to your favorite articles. It is a fantastic tool for article writers. Mandatory articles can be protected here and accessed at any time. Pocket users may now explore information from several genres, thanks to a recent update.

You can browse for material in a number of areas, including health, must-reads, technology, finance and travel.

Social Mention

It is a perfect platform for coming up with resources to find trending topics. To put it simply, type your terms into the search bar, and a list of current material will occur. You’ll discover microblogs, videos, and blogs.

This resource allows you to be more particular with your keyword selection. Social Mention lets you come up with precise key phrases to get related results. Most of the content on this platform is from the 12 hours, the previous day, or one hour.


Reddit may not be as well-known as the other platforms, but it is a really useful resource to find trending topics. You’ll be able to discover new and intriguing information here.

It features hot, fresh, trending, divisive, and top material from around the world. Also, You can see articles based on your particular location. This platform’s ‘Original Contents’ category only displays posts that are 100 percent original. This further implies that you won’t find those materials on the internet.


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