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You may live a busy life and find it hard to have time for others, even your family at times. It is good to remain busy in life to achieve your goals while focusing on your health and fitness. However, you should think about others also, besides you, and do activities to make others happy. You may devote some time to others and do good deeds to gratify them. You can do good deeds at home, for friends, for students, for the needy, etc. Doing acts of righteousness will help you satisfy yourself and feel happy for others, as well. There are plenty of good deeds to do for others to make them happy and satisfy yourself. Here is our list of good deeds that you may do to please others and yourself at the same time:

Make Charitable Contributions

You can make charitable contributions in various ways to those who deserve charity. Nonetheless, you should make charitable donations out of your savings, not your bread and butter. You may help beggars, indigents, debtors, etc. Or, you may donate charity to charitable organizations.

Do Good with Orphans

It is up to you whether to adopt orphans to bring them up or help orphans through donations. Orphans deserve fair treatment as deprived children from us, so you should help them.

Help a Homeless

Humans need shelter for their survival, and homeless people need it, for the same reason. You may help the homeless find a shelter or donate food/clothing to homeless shelters.

Help a Blind

Blind people cannot see. Nonetheless, they are a part of our society. You may find a blind person somewhere, looking for help. You may help a blind reach home if it is what the person wants to do.

Feed Indigents

It is very difficult for indigents to buy enough food and live a healthy life. If you can identify and find some indigents, feed them. Raise awareness about them to others, too, so that they may aid them.

Do Good with Your Parents

Parents bring children up while working hard to fulfill their needs in life. Hence, the children should return them a favor and do good with them once they grow up. You can do loads of good things to make your parents feel happy. For instance, you may buy them a gift, take them to their favorite place, say good words to them, etc.

Aid Your Friends at the Time of Need

Of course, you should care about your family supremely and do good deeds at home with them. However, you may have friends, too. You can do good deeds for friends to make them happy and satisfy yourself. You may help your friends when they need it from you. Assist them in the right direction to help them recover from a difficult situation if it relieves them. Or, aid them with money if it helps. These are only a few good deeds examples. You can do many good deeds with your friends only if you comprehend when you need to act for them.

Share Food with Your Neighbors

You can do well with your neighbors, too. You may share food with them or say good words to your neighbors. All of these things will not only please your neighbors but also gratify you.

Say Kind Words to Your Loved Ones

You may appreciate your children with kind words when they do good things. Plus, you can say kind words to your spouse every day and admire your life partner. You can do the same with your parents also.

Help Students Whenever You Can

You may know a few intelligent students besides some weak students. You can do good deeds for students irrespective of their level of understanding. You can encourage brilliant students to help them feel confident and do excellent in their studies time and time again. Plus, you can ask weak students what desist them to earn a good score. Consequently, you may find the solution to help them with, then you should help them.

Send a Gift to Someone You Care about

Good deeds to do for others are manifold. One of the good acts you can do is to send a gift to someone whom you care about. You may send the gift to your sibling, for example.

Assist Your Family to Keep Your Residence Clean

It is crucial to keep our residence clean timely to avoid germs and diseases. You can get rid of the rubbish on time from your home to assist your family in keeping it clean.

Give a Bouquet to a Colleague

You may give a bouquet to a colleague as a birthday present to bring a smile to your co-worker’s face. It will grant you the feeling of satisfaction you deserve and make your colleague enjoy the occasion, too.

Run an Errand for Someone Special

You may run an errand for someone special to make that person feel happier and satisfy yourself.


Doing acts of righteousness to the people will make others feel happier and gratify you at the same time. You can do many good deeds for others day in day out to please them and satisfy yourself. Additionally, doing good things matter to good people. You can do good deeds for your family, parents, orphans, friends, etc to please them and satisfy yourself. The list of good deeds to do for others is lengthier than I have shared in this post. All in all, doing good acts aids us in overwhelming negative thoughts and avoiding unjust behavior.


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