How hard is it to find an efficient home based content writer these days? Of course, finding the right freelance content writer is a daunting task, but it does not mean that you cannot find one. As long as you know what you should look for in a home-based content writer, your burden will be lightened. Let us provide you some tips that will help you find the right freelance content writer at a quick pace:

Tip #1: Check Writer’s Portfolio

The deserving home based content writer will have a portfolio of his/her work. So if someone claims to you that he/she is the right fit for the content writing job, then you can ask that person to display his/her portfolio to you. You may find that person’s portfolio on a blogging website, such as WordPress or Blogger.

Tip #2: Writer’s Response

You will also need to check the response time of the writer to your request. For instance, if you have posted a job opportunity on Upwork, then you should check whether that writer responds to your job post promptly or not. The quick response time by writer means: He/She is interested to do the business with you.

Tip #3: Means of Communication

Once a writer has won your trust for doing the job for you, then you need to do one more thing i.e., taking the writer towards your preferred medium, be it Skype, Gmail, or instant messaging website like Messenger. On your chosen medium, you can contact the writers about the details of your project and the means through which you may pay the writer.

To Sum Up…

An efficient freelance writer should have a strong portfolio. Such a writer should be flexible in discussing the project with you on any medium. Lastly, an efficient home-based content writer should respond to an employer’s request quickly.


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