English is known to be the world’s most renowned language. With its roots all around the world, learning English and English Grammar is everyone’s passion. English Grammar is like a game. Some play the game like a professional, and some are amateur or novice. Some of them struggle with tenses, narrations, sentences, and clauses. Grammar is still a mystery to many people because they fail to understand the true meaning of it. They ignore this part. To learn Grammar effortlessly, you have to put it in the right place. Below are some of the best English grammar rules you can follow up to learn English Grammar effectively.

Learning Words:

Do not just sit around doing nothing. Instead, keep on learning new words every day. Set a goal for learning as many words as possible in a day to expand your English vocabulary, followed by Grammar.

As we know the essential elements of Grammar are words. For this, get a dictionary and learn as many words as you can. When you are learning new words, use them in your texts, sentences, and people.

Do not worry about Grammar as long as you can deliver what you are trying to say to another person.


Socializing is the best tool you can use to learn Grammar. Language, whichever it may be, makes you a part of society, and learning it without talking to people in that language is a big failure.

Try socializing with people wherever you go or on the call. The more you will hear the other person’s words, the more you will learn.

Practice, Practice, and Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect. If you want something to happen, you keep on practicing it. The same goes for learning English Grammar. Solve as many exercises as possible, download an English Grammar app to keep yourself up to date about English Grammar at all times.

English Grammar mastery requires learning five skills which include (reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking). You should seek every single opportunity to learn Grammar.

Watch and Learn:

It is one of the most effective ways to learn easy English grammar. Watch TV shows and other English movies—especially movies which involve wit and humor.

A good English TV series is ‘Big Bang Theory’; a must-watch. However, take control of the movies you watch and shows you digest because most of them have Grammatical errors as they speak.

Understanding Parts of Speech:

Parts of speech play a crucial role in your Grammar development. Without understanding parts of speech properly, you won’t be able to follow English Grammar rules properly. When you are done with knowing as many words as possible, it is finally time to use them in a sentence.

Parts of speech are the only element that will tell you when to use the word in a sentence and the placement of the words in your sentence. It would be best if you chose an elite choice of words in your sentences. In short, these are the English Grammar rule you will need all the time.

Parts of speech are nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and the list goes on.


These were some of the most important English Grammar rules that you need to follow and practice to speak and write English flawlessly.

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